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5 things to look forward to on your first day as a Junior Doctor

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Now you’ve thrown away your notes and burned your textbooks (actually – probably really a bad idea, you’ll definitely still need those) it’s time for you to put theory into action. This will be the first time you step through those hospital double doors – and get your fill of free hand-sanitiser – as a doctor, not a medical student (or patient). Pretty daunting stuff, but there is so much to look forward to as you start your journey into medical practice.

From our work alongside over 10,000 Junior Doctors, we at Messly have pulled together just 5 of the best things this first day will bring.

Meeting the other doctors

It’s just like Fresher’s Week all over again isn’t it? Only this time it’ll be you at the other end of someone’s who’s had a little bit too much to drink…

All joking aside, the NHS wouldn’t survive without the camaraderie of doctors. Your training cohort will see you through good times and bad, spending cuts and Government shopping lists. You’ll experience patient disease, degeneration and dying together but, because of that, you’ll cope together. Enjoy this time getting to know one another and, you’ll quickly realise everyone is just as scared as you.

If you want to play integral role in bringing doctors in the hospital together you can involved in the Mess through the National Mess Champion Programme.

Your first patient

Although being token ‘medical student’ at your university probably means you’ve had your fair share of patients, this is a far cry from Friday night casualties. Having responsibility over another person’s life will always be meaningful, but there’s nothing quite like giving your first charge the treatment they need. Your bedside manner is something you can develop over time, but your empathy and desire to help is what qualifies you to be the best possible doctor from the very start.

The first time you introduce yourself as a Doctor

You’ve probably said it several times in your head, but your name sounds even better with the Dr prefix out loud. Trust us, it’ll never get old – now you just have to wait for the day someone asks ‘is there a Doctor in the house?’. Also – it looks great signing off the bottom of a prescription – trust us.

Getting your bleep

Useless fact – the NHS are the largest purchasers of bleeps in the world. You’ll quickly become familiar (and annoyed!) by the sound of your bleep. Contact your switchboard when you have a spare moment and get to grips with your pager straight away. Make sure you enter the most common numbers before the first day is out and, remember, you’ll need to develop a Pavlovian reaction to the crash bleep!

Staff discounts

There’s only one thing better than stash…

Ordering your canteen lasagne with Staff ID in hand is pretty cool but did you know working at the NHS entitles you to over one million deals on the biggest brands in the UK? Treat yourself to the cheekiest of Nando’s at 20% off, for example.

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