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My life as a ST2 GP

This week, Rosalyn tells us about how she’s found her time in GP training so far!

What training are you pursuing right now?

My life as a Clinical Teaching Fellow in Emergency Medicine

Where are you in your training?

I am currently a Clinical Teaching Fellow at Leicester University. I have finished my FY1 and FY2 and this is currently my “F3” before applying for ACCS (Emergency Medicine) next year.

My life as a ST-LAT in Acute Medicine

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In this ‘my life as…’,

My life as a Cardiology Registrar (ST6)

Continuing our ‘my life as a…’ series this week, we have an anonymous cardiology registrar nearing the end of their specialty training.

Nadia Knows: What to do when you’re thinking about leaving Medicine

“I’ve just started my F2 year and I’m really unhappy at work. I struggled through F1 and always felt like it wasn’t what I had been expecting in terms of how disrupted my life would be.

What you need to know about your new rota

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Lots of people are involved in coordinating your training placements.

My life as a Anaesthetic post-Registrar

Messly is introducing a new series: ‘My life as a…’ – where we pick the brains of professionals at all stages across the country about their careers,

5 myths about doctors

Have you ever felt the struggle to explain what life as a doctor is actually like?


Here are five common misconceptions people have about doctors –

Things every new doctor needs to know

You’ve made it through the doors, you’re settling in – here’s a checklist to make sure you know everything you need to about your first placement.

Experiencing your first death

If you’d told me as an F1 that I’d have loved my placement in Palliative Medicine, I’d have laughed. But working in an environment where death was normalised –

Advice I wish I had as an F1

Your first year on the job can be overwhelming, and being in a formal working environment for the first time is intimidating.

How the National Mess can help – Sharing Knowledge

It takes a village, not a hospital.

It can be really challenging to find out anything about training in the NHS –

Nadia Knows: What to do when your team makes mistakes

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I had a rude awakening in my first full week of work.

Making time when you don’t have any

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It’s tough to maintain work-life balance as a doctor –

Introducing our agony aunt


We know first hand how difficult, frustrating and confusing life can be as a doctor. It can sometimes be difficult to know where to turn when you’re in need of advice.

Concerns for doctors returning to work

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Coming back to work is never easy: whether a career break has been voluntary or involuntary,

Returning to training following a bereavement

The loss of a loved one is one of the toughest challenges we go through during our lifetime. Balancing the grieving process with working life can feel nearly impossible and sometimes the best course of action is to take some time away from work.  

Key Resources for Junior Doctors returning to training

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We’ve put together the best resources out there to support you with a return to medical training.  

Returning to work after parental leave

Having responsibility over another’s life (not to mention experience of sleep deprivation) is hardly a new experience for a doctor.

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