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Where are the Most Satisfied GPs?

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Messly helps doctors make evidence-based decisions in their careers. Our focus is now turning to helping those of you applying to General Practice in the upcoming specialty applications.

With specialty applications now open, in this blog we will be exploring the best deaneries to apply for General Practice, drilling into those which rated highest with trainees in 2016. We also look at the variability in overall satisfaction within each region, to understand which are consistent and those which have high degrees of variation between GP jobs in that region. All our data is taken from feedback from a junior doctor from the GMC Survey 2016.

General Practice may be the most popular specialty, but we want you to be fully informed before selecting it over a hospital specialty.

Here are the results of our number crunching:

GP Overall Satisfaction Vs Reliability

Note: Data is sourced from the GMC 2016 National Training Survey. Please head to to access the source data in full and read a full explanation of the methodology used by the GMC. The x-axis shows the average Overall Satisfaction rating for the GP rotations within that region in the GMC 2016 National Training Survey. The y-axis shows the inverse standard deviation for the same data set, with the most variable regions appearing at the bottom of the axis and the least variable at the top.  The size of each bubble represents the number of posts available in core training in that deanery.

Key takeaways:

1) North East, Thames Valley and KSS stand out as the best deaneries


These three deaneries score highly for the satisfaction levels of trainees AND the reliability of the training there in 2016. So, you can be more confident if you choose to apply here that you are likely to have a good experience. The challenge? They are all small deaneries for General Practice.


2) London is unreliable, and only NCE Thames has above average trainee satisfaction 


For those of you finishing your F2 in London, or considering moving to the Big Smoke, you should be aware that General Practice training in London is mixed. South London and NCE (North, Central and East) Thames both have amongst the least reliable quality of training in the country. South London is also in the bottom three nationally for satisfaction of trainees.

3) Larger deaneries tend to have less satisfied trainees

An interesting trend from the data is that the larger deaneries for General Practice tend to have lower overall satisfaction ratings than the smaller ones. For example, the biggest deaneries such as East of England, Yorkshire and Humber and East Midlands are below average (on the left side of the chart). Only North West stands out as being above average. We can only speculate as to why this might be, but this is another important factor to bear in mind when you apply.

Of course, we have blended a huge number of jobs together to give you this high level overview, and there will be variation between different specialities. Our Training Navigator will help you deep dive into the quality of training, overall satisfaction and workload at each of the rotations within these regions. These are the most comprehensive and up-to-date ratings for individual NHS hospital rotations, with five star ratings based on the results of the 2016 GMC National Training Survey.

Join the Messly community today to start making more evidence-based career choices. Here are four ways we can help:

1) Training Navigator

The best recommendations come from other doctors. Our Training Navigator allows you to quickly lookup 5-star ‘TripAdvisor’ ratings for all specialties across all hospitals across the UK. All our data comes from over 40,000 junior doctors that completed the GMC Survey 2016 .

2) Read Reviews From The Messly Community

You can also read hundreds of individual reviews written by Messly doctors on their experience of specialty rotations and help other doctors by writing a review of your own hospital. All are reviews are written only by verified doctors so can ensure that what you’re reading is accurate.

3) The Messly Blog

Over the last month we’ve been writing about how to chose the right specialties, interviewed doctors to get their insights on specialty training  and recommended our top hospitals for specific training programmes. Explore our blog for the latest and best evidence-based insights to make the smartest choices with your specialty applications.

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