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Tough Monday? We’re here for you.

If you’re deep in the Monday slump, the Messly team have been throwing doctor jokes around the office all morning, and we’ve boxed the best ones up for you to put a smile on your face:


A doctor says to a patient, ‘What brings you here?’
The patient responds: ‘An ambulance.’


Doctor: I’m afraid your DNA is backwards.
Me: And?


Doctor, looking at my X-Rays: This is what I was afraid of.
Me: What?
Doctor: Skeletons.


A pirate goes to the doctor worried that the moles on his back might be cancerous.
The doctor inspects them. ‘It’s okay, they’re benign.’
The pirate says, ‘Check again, I think there be at least ten.’


⅚ doctors agree that Russian Roulette is completely safe.


Me: I have to see a doctor, I’m shrinking.
Doctor: He’s busy, so you’ll just have to be a little patient.

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