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Messly Top Picks – Core Anaesthetics Training

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In preparation for Specialty applications opening next month, we’re running a series of articles on the top selection of hospitals for speciality training. Our goal is to help you make evidence-based choices on your training. 

Today, we have used our Training Navigator to find the best programmes to apply to for core anaesthetics training across the UK.  This provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date ratings for individual NHS hospital rotations, with five-star ratings based on the results of the 2016 GMC National Training Survey.

Rotations with 5 stars scored in the top 20% of jobs of that speciality and grade. Those in the bottom 20% will receive one star. This gives you an at-a-glance comparison of rotations, based on real feedback from doctors who have worked in that post in 2016.

Here are the hospitals with the highest ratings across the board for anaesthetics at core level.

Top Picks - Core Anaesthetics Training
All data is sourced from the GMC National Training Survey: Messly have devised their 5 star rating by grouping hospitals for each measure in quintiles, based on their ranking for the same programme and training level.


At the top of our list is Worthing Hospital in South Thames. This has the highest rating for Overall Satisfaction in the country, and has five stars across the board.

This is closely followed by Russells Hall Hospital in the West Midlands. While the CQC rated this hospital as requires improvement, it is the only inpatient hospital in The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust and anaesthetics trainees highly rate their experience there. Definitely worth a look.

Ulster Hospital in Northern Ireland gets 5 stars across the board but trainees felt their workload was less manageable compared to other hospitals. So a great one for career development, but be prepared to sacrifice other aspects of your life if you head there.

Southend Hospital is the third hospital in our list to have 5-star ratings in all categories and has the second highest score in the country for giving trainees a supportive environment. So a real star, in North East Thames.

We know the Royal London Hospital is great for clinical experience as the UK’s leading trauma centre, but also be prepared for a heavy workload. We’ve picked out this review from one of the Messly community:

Core Anaesthetics Training - Royal London Review

Finally, the North West deanery has two of their hospitals feature in our top picks. Blackpool Victoria Hospital has 5 stars across the board, whilst the Royal Bolton Hospital is highly rated in terms of overall satisfaction and clinical experience.

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