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The Messly Mission

Messly is a free, online community for junior doctors and medical students. I wanted to make evidence-based decisions when making choices about my training. I couldn’t find anything to help me, so I’ve created this platform. I need your help to improve our training, satisfaction and care for patients.

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My name is Abrar. I am an anaesthetic trainee working in the North West London and the co-founder of Messly. During my medical training I secured a rotation on one of London’s leading cardiology units. I arrived with hopes of taking part in cutting edge procedures and learning from amazing consultants.


A few weeks in I realised this was not to be. I was in a department which was stretched to the limit. Doctors were resigning, locums were constantly changing and patient care was suffering. My fellow trainees and I were not receiving the teaching we needed and we were unable to change our situation. We just had to keep going until our next rotation. At least it would be over in a few months….


I’m sure this story feels familiar. As junior doctors we have spent years preparing for our clinical training. When it arrives, it feels like choosing our rotations is almost a random process. We are guided by snatched conversations with older peers, hearsay and our general perception of a department or hospital. In reality, there are great differences between the quality of rotations within departments and hospitals.


This is endemic across our health service. All over the country there are junior doctors who are unhappy in their placements. This leaves us feeling demotivated, unsatisfied and compromises our wellbeing. It means we don’t learn as well as we could and patients do not receive the quality of care we want to give them.


Messly’s mission is to help doctors make the best career choices. I started this community with my old school friend, Chris. We want to give medical students and junior doctors a platform to share information about rotations. We aim to begin a process that will improve the system and make it more transparent. By sharing your reviews, you will be helping other doctors and medical students make more informed choices. You will also be increasing the pressure on hospitals to ensure their provision is up to standard.


We need your help now. The bigger we get the bigger our collective voices and the better training will become. To join us on this mission, please sign up to Messly and leave your reviews of rotations. Two minutes of your time will help other junior doctors to understand what a rotation is really like, before they commit months of their life to it! We have given rotations star ratings across five categories from the GMC National Training Survey. Alongside reviews, this will give you a comprehensive guide to choosing your rotations.


The more reviews we curate, the more helpful Messly will be. We also have discounted offers on courses and training help from organisations who help you get into the specialities you want. Spread the word to your friends and colleagues. Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. We can’t build a community without you. Get in touch and tell us what you need and the change you want to see in your training programmes. Our reviews are free to access, and will always be. We are here to change the system, come join us!

The Messly Mission

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