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The Highest Rated Schools for Foundation Programmes 2016

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Messly helps doctors make evidence-based decisions in their careers. For those of you applying to Foundation Programmes this week, we know that making choices on Foundation Schools is often based on snatched conversations, hearsay from older peers or just plain guesswork. There’s been very little evidence on which to base your decisions… Until now.

We’ve spent many hours trawling through the 2016 GMC National Training Survey data to to find out which UK Foundation Schools have the best Overall Satisfaction levels at Foundation Programme level.

To do this, we’ve compared the overall average of the Overall Satisfaction and Clinical Supervision ratings from Foundation Trainees for every rotation in every hospital in every region for each Deanery. That’s over 80,000 data points!!

Without further ado – here are our results:

Highest Rated Foundation Programmes

1) Northern Ireland and Wales come out top

The clear winners for Overall Satisfaction are Northern Ireland and Wales, with Northern Ireland also having the highest Clinical Supervision rating. Coming in at the bottom are the Severn with South Thames and LNR not far away. North Central Thames scores well for Clinical Supervision, but the Overall Satisfaction is one of the lowest.

2) London is not as great as expected

The results may come as a surprise to those applying to the London Foundation Schools which are generally the most competitive. Our analysis shows that they do not correlate with a higher overall satisfaction amongst doctors, with the majority of London deaneries ranking in the lower quartile. We’ve highlighted these in blue.

3) Clinical Supervision and Overall Satisfaction are closely correlated

Our analysis shows there is a clear positive correlation between Clinical Supervision and Overall Satisfaction in the Foundation Programme. So doctors who have the best clinical supervision tend to rate their Programmes most highly.

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Source: All data is sourced from the GMC National Training Survey, using ratings for the Overall Satisfaction indicator. Please head here to access the source data in full and read a full explanation of the methodology used by the GMC

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