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Ahh the perennial question – Medicine or Surgery? What The Bleep sheds some light on what way might be the best way forward!

This time last year I was busily prepping for my med school finals and it seems like a lifetime ago. If there are any med students reading this, then please stick with it. Time will fly past and I can honestly say that I have LOVED the past 6 months as an FY1. It is a wonderful job.

Life as a surgical FY1 is drastically different from being a medical FY1.

Surgery is incredibly fast paced for short bursts of time and then it slows down. But you never know when that ‘burst’ is coming.

I’m learning that if a surgeon asks you for a scan, they mean they want the scan NOW! Ward rounds are faster than fast and I am much better at taking blood than I was on medicine.

The thing i’m enjoying most about surgery is that it is more social, there is an office where 7 of us surgical FY1’s are based and although we aren’t often there all together there is usually someone there you can chat with or ask for advice.

Don’t get me wrong though, i’m definitely NOT a surgeon. I miss medicine a lot. I miss having time to really delve into what is going on for a patient, to piece together all the pieces of the puzzle. The speed of the ward rounds mean that I often panic I’ve missed something and end up having to go back and check all the observations and previous note entries.

I still haven’t actually scrubbed up and been in to theatre, which is something I need to make myself do before this rotation ends.

Outside of hospital life i’m finding it hard to exercise which is one thing about being an FY1 that really gets me down. It is probably more of a problem now because of the dark evenings, I don’t like running in the dark and I cannot afford gym membership that I know I wont use. I’m really hoping that as the  daylight hours increase I will find the motivation to get my running shoes back on.

Being an FY1 is amazing, as I keep telling everyone but I do need to remember to look after myself too.

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