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Messly’s Guide to ST3 Applications 2017

Messly’s mission is to help doctors make evidence-based decisions about their careers.



Choosing which specialty and region to apply to is one of the biggest, and hardest, decisions we make. Often this decision is based off hearsay, and snatched conversations from older peers, with very little evidence-based decision making in the process. This can inevitably lead to making the wrong choices. With applications soon to open for ST3, Messly are here to help you.



ST3 Applications are opening on February 1st. Messly are here to help you make the smartest, evidence-based choices for your specialty training programmes. With this in mind, we have written a 5 minute guide to completing your applications and how Messly can help if you’re still not sure what you want to apply to.



1) Register with Oriel



Register for the application process on Oriel (see here for a guide to using oriel). Complete all the registration information such as personal details and employment history as these will then be saved and auto-completed on any applications you begin.



2) Search and Apply to Vacancies



You can find vacancies on Oriel by clicking the Vacancies tab. There is no limit to the number of specialty training programmes that you can apply to, however you must make sure you meet the eligibility criteria for each application.



Make sure you read the person specification for each vacancy carefully, these are now live on the HEE Specialty Training. There is further guidance usually on the lead recruiter’s website for each specialty. A list of all specialties and their lead recruiters can be found here.



Every section of the application form must be completed before it is submitted. For many specialties the longest part of the application is the ‘evidence’ section in which you are required to upload your evidence and score yourself based on the guidelines given. The JRCPTB scoring guidelines for the 24 specialties they recruit for can be found here. Make sure you leave plenty of time to complete your application; previous candidates have reported it taking in excess of 10 hours.



3) Submit your application



Most of the application cannot be edited once it is submitted, so make sure you double check that you are happy with it before clicking submit. No submissions will be accepted after the deadline of 4pm on Wednesday 22nd February. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email which can also be seen in the ‘My Messages’ section on Oriel. The application status in the ‘My Applications’ section on Oriel will also be updated from ‘In progress’ to ‘Applied’.


10.00 am on Wednesday 1st February 2017
4.00 pm on Wednesday 22nd February 2017
Tuesday 21st March – Wednesday 26th April 2017
May 2017
From August 2017
*This information is correct for the 24 sub-specialties for which the JRCPTB leads recruitment. It is broadly similar to other specialties but check with the lead recruitment for each specialty.



Points to consider



  • By ST3 many junior doctors have narrowed down the specialties they would like to apply to. If you’re trying to choose between specialties and need advice, our forum is the perfect place to hear about the experiences of other junior doctors.



  • You will rank regional preferences after applications are submitted and before receiving offers. Consider the competition within a region and your personal preference. You are expected to be able to take up a place in any of your preferences. If you do not want to go to a region, do not rank it.



  • Make sure you look at the website for lead recruiter for your chosen specialty to check if there is any extra information on there. These websites also have contact details for the different deaneries etc in charge. The websites for specialties/ lead recruiters which have vacancies in this round are listed below:


It is also worth checking for any advice from the Royal Colleges for your specialty.



Still unsure about what to apply for?


There are 4 ways that Messly help you make the best choices:


1) Training Navigator


The best recommendations come from other doctors. Our Training Navigator allows you to quickly lookup 5-star ‘TripAdvisor’ ratings for all specialties across all hospitals across the UK. All our data comes from over 40,000 junior doctors that completed the GMC Survey 2016.


2) Get Advice From The Messly Forum 


We have over 1500 doctors from across the country who have registered with Messly and can give you valuable advice on specialties, hospitals and any training-related questions. Register with us to ask them questions and connect with them on the Messly Forum


3) Read Reviews From The Messly Community


You can also read hundreds of individual reviews written by Messly doctors on their experience of specialty rotations and help other doctors by writing a review of your own hospital. All are reviews are written only by verified doctors so can ensure that what you’re reading is accurate.


4) The Messly Blog


Over the last few months we’ve been writing about how to choose the right specialties, interviewed doctors to get their insights on specialty training and recommended our top hospitals for specific training programmes. Explore our blog for the latest and best evidence-based insights to make the smartest choices with your specialty applications.



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