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Messly Top Picks – Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery Specialty Training

Messly helps doctors and medical students make evidence-based choices about their. Read more about our mission here. In this blog we are finding the top picks for Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery specialty training. With applications for ST3 opening on 1st February, now is the time to start thinking about your application.



We’ve used our Training Navigator to pinpoint the best speciality training hospitals for Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery in the UK. We’ve used ratings from T&O trainees taken from the GMC Survey 2016. Rotations with 5 stars scored in the top 20% of jobs of that speciality and grade. Those in the bottom 20% will receive one star. This gives you an at-a-glance comparison of rotations. You can use it to research rotations before you apply to them, read our guide for how to use the TN for more help.


Our top rated hospitals are listed below.

Top Picks - Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon Training
All data is sourced from the GMC National Training Survey: Messly have devised their 5 star rating by grouping hospitals for each measure in quintiles, based on their ranking for the same programme and training level.

Key takeaways



1) 4 of our top picks have 5 stars in every category


Woodend hospital leads the way taking 1st place for overall satisfaction and adequate experience. It is closely followed by Nottingham and Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital which are both in the top 10 for overall satisfaction and adequate experience. Junior doctors at Nottingham also rated it 2nd for workload, making it a great choice for those seeking work-life balance. Dorset County Hospital has 5 stars for every category, despite not being the top 10 in any one area. All these hospitals provide a very high quality of training and a great trainee experience overall.


2) There is no clear geographical trend in our top picks


Unusually, there is no one region that particularly stands out in our T&O top picks. Looking more closely at the data, 3 North West Thames hospitals (GOSH, Hillingdon and Northwick Park) are in the top 10 for workload, suggesting that unusually for trainees in the capital their workload is among the most manageable in the country. South Thames has 3 hospitals which feature in the top 10 for clinical supervision (Conquest, Queen Elizabeth and Maidstone). This suggests that it’s important think carefully about which aspects of your training are most important to you and compare deaneries before applying.


3) Read reviews to give you a full picture


Choosing hospitals and specialties is a nuanced decision based on multiple factors. GOSH just makes it into our top picks. While its ratings from the GMC are particularly lacking in overall satisfaction and clinical supervision, the review featured below praises it for offering lots of research opportunities and experience of more complicated paediatric cases.

If you want to connect with a doctor or request a review to find out more about a specific rotation get in touch so we can use our network to help you make smarter decisions about your career.

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