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Messly Top Picks – General Surgery FP

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Advice on applying to the foundation programme: here are Messly’s selection of the top picks for general surgery in London?

Most doctors will go through a general surgery rotation during their foundation programme. It’s particularly important if you’re considering Core Surgical Training, not only to get an idea of whether it’s for you but also for building your portfolio by working with supportive seniors. Even if you’re not an aspiring surgeon, your experience will probably be useful no matter what field you go into so there’s value in making the right choice!

So where in London is best? Here’s what our Training Navigator says, powered by the data from the GMC Survey 2016.

Top Picks - General Surgery in London

The good news is all of our top 10 have four or five stars for their overall satisfaction.  The best for a more central London experience are the Whittington Hospital, St Mary’s and Newham General. Apply to North East Thames, North West and North Central Thames Foundation schools for the chance of working there.

North West Thames Foundation School is the best foundation programme to apply to if your’re worried about being commuting away from home to the likes of Kent or Essex. All the hospitals, including Northwick Park and Hillingdon are both within the M25.

While North East Thames hospitals rate highly  for FP general surgery placements, it may be worth knowing that this foundation school extends as far as Southend. Similarly, we’re written before about the quality of placements at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, but it’s part of the South Thames foundation school despite being all the way down in Brighton. It’s also worth considering that when we looked at the bottom five hospitals for general surgery, they were all in South Thames.

If you’re worried about workload; general surgery lives up to its reputation as being a demanding rotation, with many of our highest rated placements have 2-3 stars for workload. While it has a ‘work hard, play hard’ culture this may not suit all. So look for those with a higher workload score such as King George, Medway or Newham General if this is a worry.

Key Takeaway: All of the ‘‘London’’ Foundation Schools have hospitals which rate highly for general surgery. North West Thames hospitals have the best ratings within the M25. South Thames has a number of hospitals which have poor reviews for their general surgery placements.

Take a look on Messly to see our Training Navigator and use it for yourself to make decisions on which foundation programmes to apply for. An evidence-based decision is better than a lucky dip!

Do you agree with our selection? Leave a review to help other junior doctors make one of the most important decisions of the their lives!

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