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Messly Top Picks – Acute Medicine

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The best hospitals in London for Foundation Programme Acute Medicine.

To show you what’s possible on our training navigator, we’ll be featuring our favourite selection of ratings for particular rotations. Here, we have set our Messly machine the task of finding the best foundation programme rotations for acute medicine in the foundation schools which cover Greater London and beyond.

Coming up trumps with five star ratings across 4 of our categories is Basildon University Hospital. Also referred to as ‘Basvegas’, the social scene of this hospital makes it stand out from the crowd. Junior doctors rate it highest in this region for overall satisfaction.

Also not to be missed is Royal Sussex Hospital. Coming in 4th for overall satisfaction in these regions, it has an impressive 5 star rating across every category. It is based in beautiful Brighton. While this isn’t ideal if you’re looking for a London base, it’s actually only an hour on direct trains from Victoria or London Bridge. The sea air and more relaxed vibe also ticks those wellbeing boxes.

If you’re looking for a central London hospital, UCH and St Thomas’ look like your best bet. However beware, these hospitals will keep you very busy, with only 2 star ratings for workload. You’ll be in the middle of the city and there will be lots for you to do. With this in mind, Barnet hospital may be a good compromise, with 5 star ratings for workload and a supportive environment

Have you completed a rotation at these hospitals? Do you know what it’s really like? Do you agree with our star ratings? Let other doctors know by posting a review of your rotation. Join Messly, and follow the links at the top of our website to write your own review. You will be helping other junior doctors to make the best choices for their career.

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