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Messly – Our How To Use Guide

Welcome to Messly! Our mission is to help doctors make the best career choices. If you are looking for help choosing rotations, this is the right place! This blog is a crash course in how to use our website to check the ratings for rotations.


1. Register. To access Messly you must be signed in to an account. In order to register, complete this form. Messly is only for medical students and doctors. This means we will need your medical school (students) or GMC number (doctors) to verify who you are. When you have completed the registration form, click ‘register’. We will then send an email asking you to activate your account. Once you have responded to this, your account will be opened and you will receive an email confirming this.


2. Sign in.  As an exclusive community of doctors, you will need to sign in to access our ratings and reviews and to submit a review of a rotation. This means that you know all our reviews are genuine.


3. Training navigator. You can find a link to the training navigator on the top bar of the website. The training navigator contains all the ratings for rotations. In order to see relevant rating, select your grade, speciality and hospital from the drop down boxes. The table will then show the ratings for the particular rotations, listed by hospital. You can use the arrows next to the headings at the top of the table to order the listings by different categories. The video below shows you all these steps:

4. Our data. Messly has sourced its data from the GMC National Training Survey 2016. This survey was completed by 98.7% of all junior doctors, over 50,000 of you! We have used this data to create a 5 star rating. If the rotation achieved a survey scored in the top 20% of jobs of that speciality and grade, it will receive five stars for that indicator. Those in the bottom 20% will receive one star. This gives you an at-a-glance comparison of rotations.


5. If you need any more support in using our site, check out our FAQs. If your question is not already answered send it to us here. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve the site or if you notices any bugs we need to fix we would also love to hear from you!


6. Messly is a community for doctors. We need you to submit reviews to make this community grow! The link to write a review is on the bar at the top of our page. Let us know what you thought of your rotation in a much or as little detail as you like, the good and the bad. You will need to be signed in to write a review so we know they are from genuine doctors!

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