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Finding locum doctors shouldn’t
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Almost every NHS hospital department is currently facing challenges with vacant shifts and finding locum doctors. Traditional methods of email/telephone calls often fail and locum agencies are often a let own on price and quality.

We’re out to fix by giving departments the right toolset to quickly find and book
locum doctors, and create a more sustainable solution for our NHS.

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What Is Messly Locum?
We are a software platform accessed through your web browser that gives you the tools to build your locum bank and connect you with trusted locum doctors to fill shifts quickly and safely.
How It Works
Create Your Bank
Register your department with Messly and take your staff bank online.
Invite Your Doctors
Add trusted doctor to join your department bank and extend your reach by connecting with verified doctors from other hospital banks
Manage Your Shifts
Your shift are sent out smartly to suitable doctors in your bank on their mobiles.
Doctors can search and apply for your shifts at any time.
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How Messly benefits your department
Our superior technology gives you the toolkit to manage all your departments
locum requirements.
Locum Coordinators
Department Managers
Your Own Dashboard Track all your locums shifts, message candidates and send alerts for vacant shifts through your personalised dashboard
Improve Fill RatesEffortlessly post and manage your shifts, doctors are alerted to your vacancies via mobile and can apply in one click.
Your Trusted BankInvite trusted doctors to your bank and find doctors vetted by other departmetns to create a pool of doctors to fill your shifts
Understand Vacancies Compare application ratios, reasons for locum shifts and locum shift patterns to better understand the reasons for your vacancies
Monitor SpendingGet a detailed breakdown of locum spending each week and avoid bill shock at the end of each month.
Set your ratesControl internal rates and caps for the department, track fill rates and handle exceptional requests from your staff managers.
Improve your fill rates
Powering your departments bank with Messly has been proven to mprove fill rates. Read our case study here
Last minute locums
Urgent shifts that come are instantly sent to the most suitable doctors, to fill those dreaded last minute vacancies
Trusted Doctors
Doctors are all verified with detailed profiles, so you know exactly who’s turning up for your shift and how much experience they have.
Manage your vacancies
Post and all your locum shifts through your personal dashboard and message candidates directly.
Easy to use
Accessible directly
through your web browser and
designed for ‘no learning’
We’re here to help
We want to make sure you have a great experience so we’ll be hands on to help you get started from day one.
Reduced agency spend
Maximise fill rates with cheaper bank staff to avoid paying unnecessary agency commissions.
Save staff time
Swifter shift filling reduces valuable staff time spend searching for candidates – freeing up time for higher value tasks.
Data-driven insights
Insights into locum vacancies and spending enabling you to plan your workforce more efficiently and save money for your department.
Reduced consultant spend
Reduce instances of consultants ‘stepping down’ to take unfilled trainee shifts at much higher rates (and with additional time in lieu).
Easy to use
Accessible directly
through your web browser and
designed for ‘no learning’
We’re here to help
We want to make sure you have a great experience so we’ll be hands on to help you get started from day one.
We are not an agency
We are Abrar & Chris, best mates since 13 who came together a year ago to try and solve the complex challenges facing the NHS. With Abrar’s medical background and tech savyness and Chris’ corporate and strategic expertise we’re passionate about creating something to solve the inefficiencies of healthcare recruitment and improve the working lives of doctors. Messly is that something.
Abrar & Chris, Founders of Messly
What hospitals think of us
Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some
of our users have to say about us
“Before Messly, finding available locums, and being paid for them, was a laborious and random process. To the great benefit of the both departments and trainees, Messly organises and presents available shifts providing a simple and effective booking process.“
Chris ST2+, Anaesthetics
“I’ve found it easy to use Messly to
find locum doctors, much less hassle
than sending out dozens of emails! “
David Rota Coordinator
“Our department has benefited
from implementing Messly - we spend
less time finding locums “
John Consultant
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