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Help! I’m applying to the Foundation Programme

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How to use the Training Navigator when you’re applying for foundation programmes.

Three days to go until the FP application deadline! Not sure where to go? Messly is here to help you make an evidence-based decision.

Our training navigator provides a 5-star rating system for placements based on the GMC training survey 2016. So how could you use it?

Step 1. Go to the Training Navigator. You will need to sign up first to see the navigator. It only takes a minute to access a wealth of data on placements!

Step 2. Once logged in and on the navigator, select ‘foundation programme’ in the drop down menu for ‘grade’

Foundation Programme - Select

Step 3. Select the speciality you are most interested in. Although you won’t need this on your application to a foundation school yet it’s worth making sure you’re applying to the best place for the areas you may want to specialise in.

Foundation Programme - Select Specialty

Step 4. The ratings will now appear. You can filter these by region. So if you’re looking for good places for anaesthetics somewhere in the south, you might filter by the Thames regions:

Foundation Programme - Filter by Region

Step 5: At this point, you might realise that these hospitals don’t have great ratings for their anaesthetics placements on the FP. Maybe it would be worth a look at a region nearby, Oxford?

Foundation Programme - Check Region Nearby

Aha, much better ratings… so if you’re interesting in anaesthetics, it might be worth looking at applying to the Oxford foundation school instead of the London region foundation schools.

You can then go back and change the speciality to check the ratings in other areas for hospitals in the Oxford foundation school. These tools are a guide to help you access the best rotations on the FP. Everyone’s decision will be different, but it’s worth looking now so you know what to expect. You’ll then be able to look at the training navigator again when you’re selecting your specialities in your foundation school in March.

If we can help you, tweet us @messly_uk. Log in to our site to use the navigator. If you’re past the point of applying for FPs, give other junior doctors a hand and write a review of any placements you’ve had so they can get a feel for what a job is really like.

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