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So you’ve been given your Specialty Training Programme allocation but you’re feeling completely lost about how to rank your rotations. Which rotation has the right workload for you? How manageable is it? How varied is it? What kind of clinical experience will you get? How does this rotation compare to others? Well do not fear, your saviour is here to support you to make more informed choices. Here’s our quick guide to using Messly’s Training Navigator to find the best rotations in your Foundation Programme.

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1. Find your allocated Specialty Training Programme

First, find your allocated Specialty Training Programme by inputting your region into the Training Navigator. You can also search directly for it using our omnisearch bar at the top.

Specialty Training Programme - Training Navigator

2. View top ranked rotations in your Specialty Training Programme – ranked by junior doctors

For each specialty training programme, we have organised the top rotations and ranked them by the score rated by junior doctors in the GMC Survey 2017. That’s over 40,000 ratings! Explore the top 10 rotations by rank and how they score compared to the national average score.

3. Look up specific rotations and see their score

If you’ve already got particular Trusts in mind, you can filter the rotations by hospital and organise your preferences accordingly. You’ll see that some of the rotations will be marked ‘Good’ or ‘Below Average’ indicating a high or low Overall Satisfaction score in the GMC survey.

Specialty Training - Rotations and Reviews

4. Read first-hand reviews about rotations written by doctors

Wondering which rotations give you the most support or give you more autonomy? How about what the rotas are like or the admin support? Discover the pros and cons of each rotation by reading first-hand from doctors who have written about it to help you make informed choices.

Specialty Training - First-hand Reviews from Doctors

5. Dig deeper and find out how a specific rotation scores

Go into more detail about each rotation of your Specialty Training Programme if you wish. See their specific scores for overall satisfaction, workload, clinical supervision, adequacy of experience and compare them to the national average.

Specialty Training - Rotation Score

Don’t struggle to rank your rotation preferences for your Specialty Training Programme. Make evidence-based choices with the help of the Messly Training Navigator and our community of doctors.

Learn More:

1) Read more about our mission to help doctors make evidence-based career choices.

2) Get started with our Training Navigator to dive deeper with into ratings across the country.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Read more about our mission to help doctors make evidence-based career choices.

Training Navigator

Training Navigator

Dive deeper with into ratings across the country!



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