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5 myths about doctors

Have you ever felt the struggle to explain what life as a doctor is actually like?


Here are five common misconceptions people have about doctors – feel free to add to the list!


Doctors are paid a triple-figure salary.

Yes, we’re paid above the national average – but the only doctors that earn that much are consultants who’ve put in 30 years of service at the NHS, or done extra work outside of their NHS jobs. This accounts for a minority of the doctors in the UK.


Training is finished after medical school.

Graduation is just the start! We work for at least two years at a foundation level before going into a specialty, which can take another 3-8 years. When we’re consultants, we still update our knowledge and skills to stay current. The learning never ends!


Doctors can fix everything.

Doctors are educated about every system in the body during university – but it’s such a complex system that they have to specialise early in their working careers. Different specialties cover different systems – so teamwork and cooperation is the key to make sure a patient receives great care.


Doctors work in one place.

Postgrad taining programmes for doctors are organised by Health Education England, who decide where each doctor will work and for how long. This means a doctor can move as often as three months, if that’s what it takes to get their specialty training.


Doctors are super brainy.

Doctors are skilled and intelligent individuals – but that’s through their own hard work and dedication, not due to having super smarts. They deserve credit for that effort!

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